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Coda helps publishers monetize in places where there are large numbers of avid gamers, but where the payments landscapes are fragmented and difficult to navigate: Argentina, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kuwait, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Myanmar, Nigeria, the Philippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and Vietnam. 

Without Codashop, I wouldn't know where to top up my games since there aren't any other stores that can do that in my hometown. I've been suggesting to a lot of my friends to come to Codashop for the service. I would like to thank Codashop for launching this service; your service makes it so much easier for everyone.

โตเลัก หอมสมบัด from Laos

In my opinion, Codashop is super simple and easy to use. There are many different games that you can top up for. The best thing about Codashop is that there a wide array of choices for payments! You can pay with your card, through convenience stores, or even with your mobile phone!

Karolina Majoraviciute from the Philippines

Why use Codashop to top up games? Simple, I don't like hassle, and everything is seamless with Codashop. There's no need to log in, just click on the website, choose the game, and pay easily with your choice of payment method. I've never experienced a delay in top ups for my games; delivery is always immediate. The service is also available 24 hours a day!

Angga Mzrbest from Indonesia

Codashop's payment service actually doesn't require any credit card. Love it!

Apisit Prombuth from Thailand

I've used Codashop ever since mobile gaming started in Indonesia. I never use anything else, because Codashop is fast and simple. There are also lots of promotions!

Michael Souw from Indonesia

Codashop is the most secure place to buy game credits, and the process is really simple. With illegal game credit sellers becoming more common, I highly recommend using Codashop!

Bangpen from Indonesia

A large and growing opportunity

The market for games in the countries that Coda serves is worth $13 billion today and will grow to $21 billion by 2022. More and more customers are now paying for other types of digital content too.

Unique payment preferences

The world's most innovative e-wallets, super-apps, and e-commerce platforms have come from emerging markets, and it's with these platforms and channels that customers want to pay.

Localisation efforts matter

Success in emerging markets begins with communicating in a language that customers understand, and engaging them through local events, activities, and support channels.

Familiar download behavior

Customers in emerging markets download their apps from the same global application stores as those in the US and Europe, but most are unable to pay using the methods and processes provided by those stores.

Unique marketing channels

Facebook and Google ads are a good way to reach customers in emerging markets, but should be complemented by engagement with local influencers and resources from local channels like push notifications.