A payment channel for every purchase

Direct Carrier Billing

Unparalleled convenience for customers and tremendous reach: more than 100 million mobile subscribers can use carrier billing through Codapay. Our fees are the lowest of any gateway in Asia.

Bank Transfers

The lowest-cost way to collect funds from customers with bank accounts, and very popular: in Indonesia, for example, 94% of online shoppers use bank transfers as their main method to pay for purchases.

Convenience Stores

Ideal for large-value payments from users without bank accounts: customers can make payment at tens of thousands of convenience store locations - all they need is cash and a payment code!

Physical Voucher Redemption

Very wide distribution and a familiar and popular UX among hard-core online and mobile gamers. Coda works with the leading voucher distributors in our markets and offers low fees.

Coda works on the web, mobile web and in-app


Our modal window or iframe can help your customers buy on the web in fraction of the time required by any alternative.

Mobile Web

Our mobile web payment page is the logical choice for monetizing content consumed on a mobile device.


Our Android in-app payment SDK can help you monetize your app in many popular distribution platforms.

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